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Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood

Class 1 wood type

As a pioneer, Pouleyn has used Afrormosia for many years. This extremely precious quality wood originates from West and Central Africa and is famous for its hard core, exquisite appearance and wavy grain pattern.


Hydro treatment

Over the years, Pouleyn has developed its own hydro-oil to make the wood water-resistant and give it a beautiful, even grey colour. This guarantees years of protection and very little shrinkage or swelling.



We purchase our wood directly from the harvesting company to ensure environmentally conscious production. We keep a very close eye on both our ecological footprint and the excellent quality we deliver.



Pouleyn up and over garage doors have optimal automation. For example, they automatically light the garage (for 3 minutes) in case of any door movement, they are silent thanks to their low-voltage motor and they have sturdy door locks that will block the entire mechanism.